This is the official substack of Daniel Noe, artist, author, explorer, and contemplator of subjects large and small. Dan has read extensively on subjects as varied as biology, physics, and history. He sees connections and patterns others miss. He notices the tiny flaws in the oversimplistic models we are taught. He reports on his explorations of nature, reviews books of science, philosophy, and history, and analyzes phenomena in politics, religion, and culture. Extrapolating off of what is real, he writes short stories of science fiction and draws pictures of aliens. Let Dan be your trail guide as we all journey through life together.

Are you a possibility charter? Possibility Charters are seekers of adventure. We breed heroes. We help people find adventure and we help people see that in some ways life is already an adventure. We are all explorers. Some of us explore land and sea. Some explore space. Some explore the nature of matter and energy through experiment. Some explore the human mind through self-reflection. We are all on an expedition for knowledge, a quest for truth, and a journey to understand. We use our creativity to create art. We use our creativity to recognize art, digging up the beauty in things normally passed over, and to celebrate the beauty in others. We will not ignore the bad, but will find the good hidden inside. We celebrate the wonder of nature. Instead of dreaming of some magical place that might await us after death, we live it now. Subscribe today and share your own stories of adventure. Subscribe and share your musings and observations on life. Let us learn from each other.

That is the exploration that awaits you, not mapping stars and studying nebula, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence.” – Q, Star Trek The Next Generation

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The intersection of science, fantasy, and philosophy...


I am an artist, author, explorer, and contemplator of subjects large and small.